04 September 2012

Sixteen Points of Introduction

Hello there! As you can no doubt tell this is my very first blog post, not just for this blog but for my entire life.  So, here's the deal, I'm going to introduce myself to you while at the same time explaining that point of this blog in the only way that I know how. That's right, a list. 

1. On the off chance you managed to miss the title of the blog and the little about my thing on the side I will start with my name, Tracy. Simple enough, but don't ever put "e" before that "y".

2. I write books for the young adult age range. My favorite genre is general fiction but I'll write just about any genre.

3. I made this blog as a way to provide updates on my writing as well as a place for rambling.

4. I ramble a lot.

5. I'm never without a book in my hand.

6. I'm an Inkie and have been since January 2010. Which means that Inkpop will come up from time to time.

7. I have a youtube channel by the name of TracyMichelle210 where I post videos about books.

8.  I am also part of a collab channel on youtube called PracticeMakesProse where I upload a video about writing every Friday.

9. Nerdfighter. DFTBA

10. I'm a Ravenclaw but sometimes I think I could also fit into Slytherin.

11. My favorite authors are John Green, Lauren Oliver, Morgan Matson, Jay Asher, and Heidi Ayarbe.

12. My favorite television shows are Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Sherlock, and Dance Academy.

13. I hate coffee.

14. I sometimes spend more time making book covers for projects than actually writing them.

15. I participated in and completed both session of Camp NaNoWriMo 2012.

16. Sixteen in the smallest even perfect square of a perfect square. It is also my favorite number and where I will stop with this list.

Alright, I'm assume that if you've made it this far in the post I have not bored you to tears. Congratulations, that probably means we could be good friends. As for when the next post will be up I'm not sure. It'll come when it comes.

Have a fantastic day!



  1. Interesting! Looking forward to future posts!

  2. So glad you decided to make a blog! I look forward to seeing your posts!